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A9 Mini Camera WiFi 1080P HD IP Camera Home Security Magnetic Wireless Mini Camcorder Micro Video Surveillance Camera with IR Night Vision

  • Million HD quality: Built-in six layers optical lens double coated clear and dedicate picture quality
  • Night Vision: Even without the light, the light screen is clearly visible. You will never be in the dark
  • Non-stop Loop Recording: It is built in rechargeable battery that allows the camera to work for 1 hour; it also can be used with USB charger connected to power bank or power socket. Nothing will be missed.
  • Working on 2.4GHz Wifi: This wireless network camera can work on WiFi (2.4GHz WiFi only) or without WiFi, when there is no WiFi, insert the TF card and turn on the camera, and the camera will record and save to the TF card.
  • Real-time Viewing:Wireless IP camera allows you to view what is happening at home or in the office in real for time, even if you are on vacation or fast business trip, the remote view can be accessed through the smartphone APP.

Automatic Expandable Steel Stick Self Defense Tool

Condition: Brand NewAround the world, police officers and security guards are switching from bulky night sticks to this more compact, telescopic steel batonFeatures:
  • Design: This high quality, solid steel baton expands to 21 or 16 inches (Choose One).
  • Locking Feature: Easy one-handed locking quick release.
  • Rubberized: The rubber handle helps you maintain a firm grip.
  • Holster Included: Heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop included.
  • Police Force 21" or 16" Expandable Steel Baton
  • A heavy-duty nylon holster with belt loop
  • Wrist Strap

Blue Carbon Solar Strobe Light with Motion Detector

Solar Strobe Light with Motion DetectorSmart wireless remote control, support 4 different modes to fit different application environments. Two types of modes switch, the modes can be switched either through the press button on the back of the host machine, or through the remote controller.129dB high audio automatic alarm, with flashing red light and loud alarm, can effectively frighten the intruder, wonderful anti-theft effect. Shell made of ABS material, IP65 outdoor watreproof, can work normally under various weather conditions.The light source of the red light alarm is LED light, the number of lamp beads is 8; the sensor sensing angle is 125 degrees, and the sensing distance is 5-8m (may be affected by ambient temperature); the alarm decibel is 129dB; the wireless remote control distance is 10-200m ( May be affected by environmental signal interference and buildings); recommended installation height 
 Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
 Light source type LED

Infra-Red Receiver 1+2 Sensor Intruder Alert System Motion Sensor

Original price was: ₵450.00.Current price is: ₵350.00.
Sensing distance between sensor and alarm: approximately 100M Color: White Scanning area: 110° Primary Material: ABS Wireless: Yes Item Shape: Rectanguler Loud: 110 Db alarm Detection Range: 5-8 Meter Approx.

Professional 1101 stun gun with 1,000,000 volt current discharge equipped with led flashlight

Original price was: ₵320.00.Current price is: ₵250.00.
Introduction of light flashlight (reinforced) electronic riot implementAdopt high-frequency oscillating circuit, improve output current, large capacity, the output energy of dc dischargeUsing flashlight lights, both bright and lighting time long.Using built-in-charger, easy to carry.Product appearance distinctive beautifully designed, is home go out, self-defense ideal productsUser before use, the necessary product configuration built-in charger for charging. Charging time 10-12 hours: charging method charging power cord end into the built-in-charger interface, another end insert 220V power can charge, charges indicators.Promote upward namely, turn the switch will turn the switch down lighting pushed the bottom, press the shock switch can be used electric shock, shock cannot be used when lighting. Light flashlight (reinforced electronic riot implement technical parameters)Input voltage: 4.8 VDCCurrent consumption p 2.5AOutput voltage: above 1000KVWeight 180gSize: 16mm x head diameter long 35mm x tube body diameter rounded on 28mm The large capacity dc discharge, defense, and the output energy effect is goodU light lights the highest brightness can reach 150LM.Built in charger, easy to carryProduct appearance distinctive beautifully designed.

Stab Proof Vest

Original price was: ₵425.00.Current price is: ₵300.00.
Condition: NewStab Proof Vest Anti Stab Fabric Tactical Security Stab Resisted Vest